‘Wood sculptors’ in Brianza since 1965.
Brianza has always been considered as one of the main districts for the production of high-quality furniture and this specifically can be traced to a high creative potential of the production system and to the high technical-professional skills present in the territory. There are a lot of local companies which offer their trademark on the marketplace. However, other companies have workers who collaborate with big names in the international design, who have shops and show rooms spread all over the world. One of these is certainly the iBarzaghi company. Set up in 1965 in Verano Brianza by the brothers Natale and Mario Barzaghi who have always worked as contractors for the biggest companies operating in the Italian furniture sector. The company was called M. & N. B. and specialized in the production of solid wood chairs. From the nineties it widened its activities to include the design and manufacturing of furnishing accessories, such as tables, side-tables, beds and console tables.
Today the brand is managed by a new generation; Emanuele G. and Lorenzo, Natale’s sons, who undertook entrepreneurial modernization and took the plunge, that is to say they stood eventually as prominent figures and created the iBarzaghi brand and a product line made of black walnut wood, a precious material always considered a must for a high-quality furniture. Relying on their expertise in woodworking, but aware of the fact that today it is essential to integrate them with a high-level design, they come to the design world, by recruiting designers who can support them in the pathway that combines planning character with a ‘culture of doing things’.

The chair sound.
When a chair is ready to be used, iBarzaghi take it, look at it and throw it to the ground. It is no wonder, because this is the only way for a master artisan to distinguish whether a chair is finely made or not. In this way it is possible to immediately ascertain the quality of a gluing process.
“The chair must sing”, that it is to say it must resonate out through a solid sound, as it were a unique
piece. The gluing process is a matter of time and modern companies who make use of technologies to speed up the gluing process may risk undermining its quality and durability. From 1965 the family Barzaghi has always strictly observed the times and procedures necessary to make every piece skilfully. Times will be marked by the man’s hand and by material requirements that, in turn, should be patiently moulded to take on new shapes. Artisan times versus industrial schedule, two elements to which the family Barzaghi never gives up and are part of its great cultural heritage and factual wealth.