Giardino d’inverno


Photo: © Miro Zagnoli

This environment was created as a designers’ divertissement that produced a unique and special piece for presentday environments: Gemelline, i.e. the twin seats which are separated, but they were made to be held together. They are two comfortable upholstered seats with backrests and an arm-rest made of black walnut wood. They can be kept separated, but joined one next to the other turn into a fuller and more harmonious new shape. They seem to explain the relationship established between the designers and the Company: two realities with their own background that came together, or maybe they came together to design, from which all the stories started. Gemelline represents a step into the future, a preview of a new story which is yet to be told.


Chairs Gemelline
Single 50×51 cm h76 cm
Duble 50×102 cm h76 cm
Walnut with leather or fabric coverings