Director’s Cut: ildoppiosegno.
iBarzaghi’s desire to modernize and to offer themselves as protagonists for the first time in the international design context led them to apply to the firm ildoppiosegno for artistic direction and the launch of their first furniture collection. The general project is that to launch the Company into the international arena, but without forgetting its roots, on the contrary by adding value to them through targeted activities where the close relation between the Company and the territory is highlighted.

ildoppiosegno was founded by Monica Ferrigno and Carlo Dameno in 2007 inside the former paper-mill of Verona situated within the area of ‘Parco Sud’ (South Park) in Milan. The study supports companies operating in different sectors of industrial design, ranging from the product conception to its production and engineering. From the search and development of a concept for any possible new products and their
position in the market.